GALIT MAXWELL


                         LIFE COACH


‘My kitchen, dining-room, living-room and hallway were full of clutter and I never seemed to get around to doing anything about it. It was also getting me down as I didn’t like people coming to the house to visit when it was in such a state.

Now after a few hours organising by Galit these rooms are a real pleasure to be in and things are so easy to find. I would definitely recommend this service as it’s amazing what can be achieved in a short time and how much better you feel when it’s done.’

Naomi - Karori, Wellington

‘I had never thought to ask for professional assistance with my clutter... but I'm so glad I did.  Galit was able to provide me with the know how, the motivation and the inspiration that I was unable to muster up by myself. The most amazing thing for me since Galit came, is that I finally feel like I can breathe. It changes everything.’

Kallie - Berhampore, Wellington

‘Galit has helped me with a massive declutter - I couldn't have faced it without her! She's focused, positive, organised (of course), and totally committed to transforming her clients' lives - she certainly transformed mine. Lifechanging and highly recommended!’

L.R - Mt Cook, Wellington

‘Galit has beathed new life into our home.  What was once overwhelming clutter and mess has become a peaceful and relaxing home - even with a 6 and a 4 year old in it.  Things have homes, floor can be seen, flat surfaces have appeared where once were mountains, and ornaments and paintings can now be viewed. The money made on selling un-needed things has paid for a lot of her help (the money we found under my husbands side of the bed will pay for a massage for me).  I could not be happier.’

Bridget - Khandallah, Wellington

‘Just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for 'sorting us out'.

Not only do we have more space for our stuff but we can actually find what we are looking for.

We should have found you years ago.

We thought our house had a shortage of storage space, now we have an abundance.

Now keeping on top of our house is a lot easier and we look forward to the 'maintenance' sessions that we have with you.

You can be assured that we will be referring our friends to you to get 'Sorted'

Thank you.’

Graeme and Tonia - Hataitai, Wellington

‘Thank you, Galit, for your Kitchen Blitz. I've always longed for a pantry

but didn't think I could fit one in.  Your clever organising and different

perspective on my kitchen has created one for me with the storage space I

already had! It has made my old kitchen so much easier to use and cooking is

more pleasurable now that I can see all the ingredients in my cupboards.  I

can't wait to have you around again to work some magic on the rest of the


Hannah - Kelburn, Wellington

‘Thank you very much indeed for your help over the past 3 weeks or so, sorting my clutter. It has really been fantastic!

You let me feel that I was still in charge of my life, but that I had a warm-hearted, practical friend helping and encouraging me to dispose of the clutter - stuff that was no longer necessary in my life, and had actually reached the stage of overwhelming me. You are so kind and cheerful to work with, and you have such good ideas that have made my place so much more enjoyable to live in.

Thank you again so much, dear Galit.

Warmest regards’


Maggie - Brooklyn, Wellington

‘We hired Galit to support us with our moving challenge, being a challenge as we had to get our entire house spring cleaned in just one day. An impossible task as our landlord reckoned turned into reality by the Galits magic hands. All we had to do is to leave her alone for 6 hours and when we got back we were stunned about the results. Galit helped us out of trouble by delivering a service professionally in time. If we ever have to move house again we will definitely get Galit to help us out. Big warm thanks! Cheers’

Flo and Verena - Lyall bay, Wellington

‘I recently attended one of Galit's Decluttering workshops in Wellington. Galit has a great way of capturing your imagination, and helping you to think of ways to make your own house even more inviting for visitors, and to live in, without the added stress of clutter, which always adds lots more housework! As a person who is naturally organised & tidy, I often struggle to find places to keep my 3 young children's books, toys, and clothes; trying to find storage solutions in a smallish house isn't easy! Galit inspired me to think of ways to re-use existing storage ie bookshelves etc, instead of being tempted to buy more storage boxes and shelves! With Galit's suggestion of using mirrors, fresh flowers, and colourful canvas paintings; it is amazing how much these minor things can add warmth and personality in places that otherwise might be overlooked! I highly recommend the Decluttering Workshops!’

Cathy - Wellington

‘Have just been to the 'Sort your Clutter' workshop and am ready and motivated to get busy. Thank you so much to Galit Maxwell  for teaching us all about 'clutter zones' and and helping us to feel the motivation to just start.’

Lisa – Johnsonville, Wellington

‘I purchased my house two years ago and I had a number of boxes still unpacked and “stuff” all over the house with absolutely no idea where I was going to put it all. It was all too hard after a day at work to come home and try and find “homes” for things. My house became a source of tedium to me. I didn’t want anyone to visit it was that bad.

It became a large problem when my parents decided to visit from Australia. I simply had to sort the house out. It was then that I found Galit Maxwell.  Not only did she help me spring clean my kitchen –which is now immaculate- but she also helped me declutter the room my parents would stay in. Galit did such a wonderful job that I have retained her services to help me sort out my bedroom, study, bathroom and my spare room.

Galit has changed my thinking on clutter- I am no longer guilty about throwing things away and I now know that if it is worth keeping , it is worth displaying!  My wardrobe has been “cleansed” and I have so many clothes now that I can see them all that I don’t need to buy anything.

I did not think it was possible to be so proud of my home and Galit has been the reason for this change.

I cannot recommend Galit highly enough- she is very personable, works extremely hard and has an amazing talent for “clutter clearing” and making rooms look wonderful.’

Kerrie - Hataitai, Wellington

‘Galit re-arranged our sunroom into a warm, inviting play space for our young children, complete with a reading corner and an arts and crafts shelf, incorporating that with the ideal home office space. Now there is a place for everything; I have enjoyed getting out my label machine, to itemise the toys and kids books, so we will never have to deal with a mass of clutter again!! After months of feeling overwhelmed by constant clutter and three children under the age of six, who emptied toy boxes everywhere, I called on Galit for help! Together we sorted toys into piles to sort for garage sales, toys that we no longer needed (kids had grown out of them) and toys that I wanted to keep. The same applied to the overload of books! Before, i didn't know where to start; now the two "forgotten" back rooms of the house are used every day, and both rooms are attractive, clean and tidy! (Sunroom/ rumpus and baby's bedroom). I highly recommend Galit's "Sort your Clutter" services; it feels so liberating to have a tidy, functional house with a place for everything!’

Cathy - Lower Hutt

’Galit Maxwell truly is a natural organiser, and having her ideas and support has made tackling a few big jobs around my house so much easier.

I am really grateful for her energy and enthusiasm, and the way she made me feel able to take control again. I would recommend Galit to anyone - she’s honest and hard-working and has a good sense of humor too!’

Rebekah - Newtown, Wellington

‘My messy but treasured wardrobe is next for reorganisation and Galit is just the woman to call. Galit creates airy welcoming spaces using colour and natural light to great effect. This service is ideal if you are getting ready to sell or rent, or moving in. Real estate should use Galit.

Galit found not just a place for everything in the tiny kitchen but the perfect place! It works visually as well as practically.

She transformed a dark, forbidding basement stair with light colours, soft textures and a landscape painting that was as bright and refreshing as a sunny window - genius!

Susanna - Nelson

‘Thanks Galit...I can't wait to get started now sorting out all sorts of bits and pieces. Like the point that you should start small and then move to the big things so it doesn't all seem so daunting! Just need to get our husbands and kids to think the same as us and we can all have a clutter free home. Tide home = tidy mind’

Treena – Wellington

I'm so glad we called on Galit to Sort Our Clutter.  My family was going through a really tough time and honestly our home was in a bit of a mess as normal household duties slipped down the priority ladder. The problem though, was that living in a mess contributed its own negative influence and that's the last thing we needed.

Galit worked first on our core living space and transformed it from messy chaos into a relaxing sanctuary. She quickly reclaimed our dining area as a family gathering point for meals too, as it had been overtaken by clutter so we could only eat on our laps. With the rest of that day, along with a subsequent 6 hours the following week, my kids bedrooms were additionally transformed, and we reclaimed and made efficient use of storage space to clear away our things.

We have enthusiastically adopted principles which Galit has reinforced to us as important:

Galit was positive, warm, focussed and efficient. She had great ideas, being very creative to work within the constraints of our house and furniture. Sorting Our Clutter was very effective. And Galit made the whole experience an absolute pleasure.

Lewis, Waikanae